Copy Editing, Proposal Writing, & Public Relations

Good commercial writing, whether it be copywriting, proposal writing, or developing a public relations campaign or single PR piece, requires a thorough understanding of the project and/or the role of a single item in a larger effort and begins with a great idea.

This often means starting out by approaching the subject obliquely to encourage members of the target audience to look at your product or project in a new way.

I work with your marketing and sales team to find the precise angle that will make your product or service stand out; catch your customers’ attention; and motivate them to buy, participate, or donate.

I’ve written copy for: professional audiences and the general public, proposals for  million-dollar projects for major corporations and for local restaurants, for large and small arts institutions, speeches, and website texts..

I can work on a fee or an hourly basis depending upon your need and the project circumstances.