My Experience

Words are my trade. I have spent my professional life dealing with them in one context or another.  That has given me insight into many different uses of the English language and an expertise in shaping its words to the requirements of many diverse subjects.

I have been writing and editing texts of all kinds professionally for more than 30 years.  Educated at Harvard and Oxford, I have worked successfully in many fields and bring that wide-ranging experience to meticulous proofreading of your work, if that’s what you need, or to provide a critical eye that can help you make your words flow the way you want them to.

I tailor my work to meet my clients’ specific needs.  I provide all services from basic proof-reading to full, developmental editing (though I am not affiliated with any publisher or press) in addition to my copywriting. I have worked:

  • As a Journalist
  • As a PR Professional
  • As an Academic Editor
  • As a Commercial Copywriter And Proposal Writer
  • As a Medical Writer and Editor.


Richard Gottlieb

Work Areas


Partnering with academics (and those who aspire to gain access to the academy at one level or another), with notable success I’ve helped them:
  • Win admission at the graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Secure professional appointments and
  • Polish papers, theses, dissertations, journal articles, and books.
I have many years of experience both developing and editing medical materials of many types.  The therapeutic areas in which I’ve worked include:
  • Cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology
  • Gynecology and obstetrics, HIV medicine
  • Immunology, infectious diseases, oncology
  • Psychopharmacology, respiratory medicine, and
  • Transplantation as well as
  • Professional development materials for physicians.
While many of my clients are native speakers of English, a number are not, and I’ve collaborated with those located in:  
  • North America (both Canada and the U.S.)
  • China, France, Germany
  • Italy, Korea, Saudi Arabia Spain, Sweden
  • The United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan.

“Richard is an amazing editor for materials related to both academic and creative writing endeavors (marketing, story writing, etc.). He adheres to deadlines, provides wonderful suggestions to improve writing style, and helps clients synthesize their information so that arguments, data, and story are presented in a cohesive manner. A+!”


“Meticulous with a ‘light touch’…unerring precision…a wonderful ear for alternative phrasings…met every deadline and responded to every phone and email request. Simply put, the best editor I’ve ever worked with, and I’m excited to work with him again on my new project.”


Recent Projects

Among my recent projects are newspaper and commercial articles; professional and patient education materials; application essays and letters of intent; proposals and presentations; medical journal articles; law papers and journal articles; and dissertations and academic papers, books, and journal articles on topics as diverse as:

  • Bayesian analysis in meta-analytic studies
  • Race and the U.S. census
  • Contract and marriage: what the debate regarding promissory estoppel can learn from the debate regarding same-sex marriage
  • The role of math education on community college graduation rates
  • Petroleum self-sufficiency and the United States
  • Independent risk factors for graft loss after an acute antibody-mediated rejection episode.
  • Literacy and India
  • Metaphor in Modernist poetry
  • Immigrant labor in Turkey
  • The literal worlds of Samuel Beckett
  • Measuring the clinical implications of the acculturation of Hispanics
  • A comparative study of the Brazilian and U.S. financial systems
  • The causes of violence in public demonstrations
  • Electrification in Senegal

My success can be measured by the high percentage of repeat customers and referrals I receive. My clients can provide the best insight into my work and its results, and I can put you directly in touch with them at your request.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service and results in the field.


Sun – Thurs 9AM – 9PM
Friday 9AM – 5 PM


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